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It takes a village...

Meeting the basic needs of children is only part of the weight that foster parents carry. One of the most important, but often overlooked, goals of parenting children coming from hard places is for them to feel a sense of connection. Helping these children to feel seen and heard and bonded is an essential part of caring for them. It can also be one of the most challenging parts. 

Our goal is to create opportunities for foster families to connect with each other- both the children and the parents. As well as create opportunities for the community to connect with these children and families. Foster families are the greatest recruiters of other foster families and by bridging the gap between the two, we hope to see more community awareness and involvement in all aspects of the foster system.

By organizing events for foster families to gather we have seen camaraderie and deep friendships formed. Families who are walking similar paths joining together for food, fun, and fellowship. An opportunity to share "me too's" and provide encouragement through mentorship and support. With connection comes belonging and a greater likelihood for healing and thriving. 

We send out monthly newsletters to the caregivers who we serve with updates and sign-ups for the following ongoing Gatherings:

  • Moms Gatherings (at our Dripping Springs resource center)

  • Dads Gatherings (at Radio in southwest Austin)

  • Caregivers Gatherings (with childcare, at our Round Rock satellite location)

  • Parents Night Out events (at Austin Ridge Bible Church Southwest, in Oak Hill)

  • Equip Workshops (earn continuing education units and gain important caregiver tools with professional experts in the field of child welfare and trauma informed care)

  • Family Gatherings (in the fall and spring at beautiful venues including a ranch and farm in the southwest Austin/ Dripping Springs area)


If you are a foster or kinship caregiver in the Austin area and not yet receiving our monthly newsletters, please sign-up HERE.