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Foster Village is the passion project of a family who knows first hand the value of having a village of support while in the trenches of foster care. The Smiths became a licensed foster home in early 2014 and they have since had the privilege of adopting their precious three year old daughter who came to their home at 8 months old. As fate would have it, they also welcomed their daughter's birth mother into the family- a bright young woman who aged out of foster care herself, inspiring a lot of what we do through Foster Village.

Chrystal Smith has a degree in Child Development and experience as a Parent Educator to parents walking through vulnerable circumstances. In walking alongside these marginalized children and families, she has had the opportunity to witness how the families and children with consistent and therapeutic networks of support are also the ones who ultimately have the most success in growth and redemption. 

The Smith's hearts will forever be drawn to the world of foster care and they are currently most passionate about serving other foster families through respite care, fellowship, and resource networking. They hope to ignite a passion in others throughout their community and encourage more folks to roll up their sleeves and come alongside these families and children.

They are all our children and we need to be their village. 

Here's a peek into the home of the Smith family, broken and grown through foster care...

  photo credit: Ridge Press, Austin Ridge Bible Church

photo credit: Ridge Press, Austin Ridge Bible Church

Our Team

Ellen Evans

  {Project Manager- South}

Ellen and her family began their journey into the world of foster care in 2013 when they became a licensed foster home. They have since developed a passion for supporting and encouraging fellow foster parents, biological families, and the vulnerable children at the center of it all.

Ellen helped launch Foster Village in 2016 and continues to pour her heart, time, and energy into our mission. Ellen has a degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University, teaching certification, and professional experience in the field of Early Childhood Intervention. 

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Carrie Overman

  {Project Manager- North}


Carrie and her family became a licensed foster home in 2013 and have since fostered 8 children (adopting one along the way) ranging in age from newborn to 17. When not chasing after their three kiddos, Carrie and her husband lead the orphan care ministry within their church and strive to help foster families feel less alone in their mission to care for kids from hard places. Carrie survives the adventures in foster care with a whole lot of help from her church family, her Crossfit community, and a deep love of junk food.

Carrie is a founding officer of Foster Village and oversees operations at our Round Rock Care Closet while working toward her certification in nursing.


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Kristen White {Outreach Coordinator}

Kristen and her husband Ryan became a licensed foster family in 2014 and were soon thereafter blessed with the placement of their, now adopted, son Cameron.  After adoption and taking a short break, they opened their home to continue fostering.  The White’s have been so touched by Foster Village’s support with every foster child that came through their home, that Kristen decided she wanted to join the movement.  As Outreach Coordinator, Kristen seeks out companies and individuals that may be able to donate the critical necessities that allow Foster Village to provide for the families and children entering the foster care system. 

When she’s not chasing around her 4 kids, she is out caring for her chickens, ducks, goats and running a wedding planning business.

Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Mary Jane Hetrick

Barrett Criswell

Richelle Criswell

TIra Holcomb

Kylee Craggett, LMsw

J Foster