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A Summer to Remember

What a summer! Thanks to generous donations from the community, we were able to deliver dozens of Welcome Packs (a recent change from the Welcome Boxes- new custom reusable grocery bags, hence "packs") to children entering foster care. We were also able to come alongside a family who recently took in a sibling set of four children under six. This family already has five young kids, so you can imagine the challenges of adding four more, and as a fictive kin placement they will not receive financial support from the state. The community has rallied around them with diapers, meals, gift cards, school supplies, and lots of prayers! The children in their care are already thriving thanks to the village of support around them. We also recently had the opportunity to help out a single mom who just reunified with her daughter after over a year in the foster system. She gave birth prematurely to a healthy baby boy and we were able to gift her with a car seat, diapers, preemie clothes, and a diaper bag full of necessities. We are just as  passionate about coming alongside those who are working hard to keep their families together as we are about serving foster families. They all need a village as they navigate through difficult circumstances. 

The only way we were able to accomplish all of this is thanks to your support of Foster Village. Your donations are making a huge impact, friends!


As we work our way into fall, we look forward to watching Foster Village grow and reach even more families through the support and donations from the community. We also have had the opportunity to partner up with some other local organizations who share a similar mission of coming alongside this vulnerable population of children and families. There is great potential for how much we can do when working together.

The state of Texas is currently facing a record high number of children in foster care. That means that the need for more foster homes is critical... and with the need for more foster homes comes the need for more support for those who do step up to foster. We are so grateful for those of you who are willing to roll up your sleeves and join this movement with us!

Currently, the best ways to join the village efforts are:

- donate gently used children's clothes, car seats, and strollers (we need double strollers especially!). Fill out our online donation form to coordinate a drop off or pick-up.

-visit our Amazon Wish List page to purchase new items such as socks, underpants, and diapers

- Buy an "It Takes a Village" t-shirt now through September 8th. All proceeds will go toward purchasing necessities for local children in foster care. 

And if you haven't already, please subscribe to our email list so we can keep you in the loop about upcoming events!