Our Village of Volunteers: Featuring Autumn Reeves

by Caitlynn Lopez

How did you get connected to Foster Village?

I got connected to Foster Village though my mom. We used to foster kids whenever I was younger, and Foster Village was able to drop some things off for us. I've known about Foster Village since it began, so I've always thought about volunteering in the back of my mind. I decided to jump in at Foster Village because I know all too well how stressful it can be for foster parents to have new placements. To be able to make things easier by providing necessary items to them brings me great joy.

What does a typical volunteer day look like for you?

A typical volunteer day looks like me showing up and doing whatever the team at the resource center needs me to do that day. Sometimes I'll need to inventory items, and other days I help sort clothes. I've even helped build a fence one day! When I serve on the child care team, I meet up early with the other volunteers and talk about what we will do with the kids that day. Normally, I will hang out with the younger toddlers and make sure they stay entertained and safe. A moment that has stuck out to me is packing welcome packs for the families. Being able to pick out items I know these children will treasure touches my heart, and I always try to put a lot of thought into the welcome packs.

What are you learning by volunteering and being connected at Foster Village?

I've been learning that though we live in a broken world, there is always good somewhere. Foster Village is an example of that good, and I'm proud to be a volunteer here. I feel more fulfilled volunteering at Foster Village than I have working various jobs. I truly enjoy doing what I can to help, and I always look forward to Fridays because that's the day I volunteer!