Our Village of Volunteers: Featuring Noreen Koerner

by Caitlynn Lopez

How did you get connected to Foster Village?

I got connected with Foster Village a several years ago, when I learned of their organization from a friend. I then decided I wanted the donations from the holiday toy collection I was doing in my neighborhood, to go to their Oak Haven Resource Center in Dripping Springs.

What does a typical volunteer day look like to you?

I really enjoy putting together the Welcome Packs we make when we are notified that a foster family needs our help with clothes, toys and other supplies for a child or children they are receiving and unable to come shop themselves. Sometimes caregivers and foster parents will come in person to pick out the items they need and will bring their child with them. I enjoy helping them pick out items and/or playing with the child while they shop. It is gratifying to see them so happy, appreciative and thankful for the support we can give them at Foster Village.

I also help when possible with hospitality by bringing food for small events and on the On-call Deliveries list that delivers requested items to foster families. It is so rewarding to see those smiling faces when delivering items to their homes that they greatly need.

Why did you decide to jump in at Foster Village?

Being a grandmother of four, I have always liked being able to spend some of my time volunteering, especially when it is to help children. When I brought the holiday toys there that first time, I had a chance to meet wonderful and hardworking women on staff. When hearing about their amazing organization and what their goals are and how they help so many children, I knew this was the place I wanted to get involved with and volunteer my time each week.

What are you learning by volunteering and being connected at Foster Village?

I am learning how important Foster Village is to the many foster families and foster children in so many ways. They provide so much love and support both mental and physical, as well as the many supplies that are needed to help these caring people who open up their homes and hearts to the children who need special love and care. I am very proud to be a volunteer here and help in some small way with this amazing organization.

It really does "Take A Village" to help these families and so glad we can provide the help they need.