The Power of Caregiver Connections

by Aimee Hill

There is a feeling I believe we all have experienced at different times in our lives–that feeling of being alone or as if no one else can relate to what you are experiencing. Despite its commonality, this feeling can be alienating and difficult to overcome. Being a foster or kinship caregiver can bring up a lot of those feelings, and I have found that my greatest supporters are those who are walking a similar journey.

Our Partner Parent Group has shown me the power of sharing these feelings out loud with others who are navigating similar situations. In this group, we discuss our relationships with birth parents and building relationships with extended biological family members. This group helps new foster parents take practical steps in establishing relationships with birth family members. It also serves foster or kinship caregivers who have built these family relationships over time, but who have questions about navigating the challenges of these relationships. Most importantly, this group is a safe space for conversations about the importance of family connection and what that can look like in different circumstances.

I was encouraged recently at our group as I observed some foster parents, who have been on their journey for years, offering support to other foster parents struggling through some of the difficult parts of the system as they fight for a family to be made whole again.

Do you struggle communicating with the parents of the child in your care? Do you need ideas of how to increase your connection with them as you care for the child you both love? Do you have questions about why maintaining a family connection long term is important for the children in your care?

Come join us! We welcome you, your experience, your feelings and questions, and would love to have you join the conversation.

Learn more about our Partner Parent Group here.