Life in Limbo® is an interactive workshop designed by Fostering Great Ideas® to give participants the opportunity to step into the shoes of those who are affected by the foster care system - children, birth parents, foster parents, and kinship families. 

As the only organization licensed in the Austin area by Fostering Great Ideas® to offer Life in Limbo®, we host it regularly to help our community gain a deeper, more empathetic understanding of foster care and give them opportunities for compassion.

When you attend Life in Limbo, you'll have the opportunity to...

  • Experience what it might feel like to be a child in foster care on her first night in a new foster home. 
  • Gain perspective on the journey of birth parents including the circumstances that caused their children to be removed from their home.
  • Get a look at the challenges foster parents and kinship caregivers face when caring for someone else's child.
  • Learn how you and your community can help support the kids and caregivers who are experiencing foster care.

To learn more or to schedule a Life in Limbo® workshop, contact us at

 "I must admit, I didn't expect to have the profound moments of insight that I had during Life in Limbo. My adoptive son and I have walked through a lot together, grieved a lot together, and had open conversations together on many occasions over the years as he continues to process the complexities of having experienced foster care. But, there were moments today, that the reality of those profound, complex losses hit me anew. I'm going home and the first thing I'm gonna to do is hug my son." 
- Foster/Adoptive Dad 

"As someone who has intersected with the child welfare system in many capacities for many years, I expected Limbo to be good... but I was blown away by the deep, profound moments of self-reflection and compassion for others during this immersive training. I've lived it. I know it. I've experienced it. But, I was overwhelmed (in a good way) by how this training led me to even further insights in the way I show up for others in this space." 
- Foster Mom, Child Welfare Professional & Advocate