2019 Impact: Foster Village Year End Report

2019 has been another busy year for Foster Village!

We have served over 2,000 children and their caregivers in the Austin area in 2019:

  • 393 urgent requests fulfilled to resource licensed foster homes needing loads of critical necessities for emergency placements
  • 170 urgent requests fulfilled to provide basic necessities and ongoing support to kinship homes (relative caregivers), making it possible for siblings to stay together in familiar environments with familiar caregivers
  • 67 urgent requests fulfilled for reunifying biological families so that children can return to safe and loving homes after foster care

And we anticipate meeting even more needs in 2020 as the number of children entering foster care is increasing and as we open our new resource center in North Austin to better meet these needs. Over 80% of every dollar donated goes straight to these critical needs and the other 20% allows us to have highly qualified and experienced staff who guide caregivers through the complexities of helping at-risk children beat the odds. This village is changing the lives of countless families in Central Texas, with four other independently funded affiliate locations across the country and two more preparing to launch in 2020. We could not do this without the faithful support of a community who cares; thank you for entering the lives of those on the front lines of foster care.